Client Testimonials

“Dear woman, you have manifested this exactly as it should be.  Throughout, it is coherent and simple and easy to use, visually impressive without being gaudy, everything is relevant.  Don’t know how it could be any better.
I, personally, sense you are spiritually attuned to this….not simply a technician.   We truly are blessed to have you involved.”
Clay Howard

Quiet Expectations Publishing

“A big heartfelt thank you to Jan Shaw -The Web Alchemist who completely redeveloped our entire website and allowed us to make our dream come true of doing an online store our own way! The site is stunningly beautiful and truly captures the essence of what Sacred Space is!!! If you are needing some assistance or facelift with your website I wholeheartedly recommend Jan Shaw.

Also now with our redeveloped website and with the assistance of Jan getting us out of the technological “stone” age we are now set up with MailChimp for ease of sending our important information and updates to all of our clients!

After years of trying to find the right website developer who would perfectly interpret our vision and purpose, we are delighted to say we have now achieved the perfect outcome.”

Crystal and Savannah

Sacred Space Durango

“Working with Jan has been a real pleasure.
She’s creative. She’s intuitive. She’s a problem solver. She’s great at solving puzzles.
She’s kind, considerate, sensitive, honest and she runs an ethical business.
Between the two of us, she built a website that was a reflection of what I wanted to express about myself. At first, I didn’t know how I wanted to express myself and Jan was patient with me as I gained
 clarity about the images I wanted to have on my sight that was a reflection of my website name and the feeling I wanted to impart to the viewer.
In the end … I gained a lovely friend and a beautiful website that I am excited to share with my world.
Thank you Jan ♥”

Noël Cannon

Graceful Odyssey

” Working with Jan has been an amazing experience. She is very knowledgeable and works very hard to make sure that you are satisfied with her service. I can truly say she enjoys what she does because she goes the extra mile just to make sure that you are receiving exactly what you want and desire for your website image.  I highly recommend Jan for all of your website needs. Thanks Jan, I would not have been able to have an online presence without you! “

Monique Pettaway

“Working with Jan has opened my eyes to my potential. She has not only given new life to my website, but she has reawakened possibility thinking and an enthusiasm for what can be.”

Pamela Hughes

Harpsong International


"To say that I am extremely happy with the website Jan created for me is an understatement.

At our initial meeting, Jan sincerely took the time to connect with me and to understand what my mission was in undertaking the creation of a website.  She thought of things that I had not and asked the necessary questions that would enable her to design and build a website specifically suited to my needs, not only at present but with an eye toward building in capabilities that I may want to utilize in the future.

Once I had decided on the basic color scheme, chosen the home page image, and provided Jan with content, she took it from there.  And I have to say with all honesty, I was genuinely impressed.  When we sat down not long after our initial meeting to view the website proof, I was astounded at how little editing her work needed.  Sure, I tweaked the text a bit here and there and I think we changed the location of one of the images and did a tad bit of miscellaneous editing on the overall structure, but by and large the site was virtually complete as presented!

Jan’s intuitive abilities came through loud and clear and that gift coupled with her knowledge base and lifetime of business experience enabled her to quickly and easily build the perfect website for me.  The colors, images, and content flow so beautifully and the site truly captures the essence of my work.  It was a pleasure working with Jan and I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a unique and truly personally designed website."


Laura Hawke

Angelic Healer


"I'm so glad I chose Jan to help me with my real estate website   She did an awesome job, and it looks great!  She also went the extra mile to help me navigate the site after it was completed.  She was available and knowledgeable and very easy to work with.  I would recommend her to anyone needing a professional web developer."  


Cory Quackenbush

Quackenbush Realty


"Jan, I thank you for the tremendous redesign of the website that you have done for me.  I trust you to know what you are doing and what I am supposed to do.  As some of these things, that need to be done, are very unfamiliar to me."


Don Straney

Reiki Therapy Sessions

 “The website looks fantastic!  You have done such an outstanding job!  Thank you so much!!!!”

I can't thank Jan enough for designing my website. She went far beyond simply taking information and just slapping something together. She really took the time to understand the spirit of what I was wanting and made it happen!

David Clark

Wild Spirit Passages

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